The positive aspects of working with Andrew were his follow through with any and all commitments he made with me along with his flexibility in scheduling.

From a photographic perspective, the cabinetry that was chosen totally matched the integrity of both the home and lifestyle of the client. It made for beautiful photographs.

Mike Kaskel Photography
Chicago, IL

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the good fortune to work with Andy Williams over the past several years. As a custom residential remodeling contractor, Kitchens and Baths are often a significant part of my business. And I can say that the projects we have worked on together would not have succeeded without his contributions.

Being able to design a beautiful, functional Kitchen is something Andy excels at. His deep-rooted artistic vision is, of course, a primary reason. But he also possesses a strong, logistical understanding of the entire Kitchen installation process. Having detailed knowledge of a multitude of cabinet lines and, with that, being able to render a beautiful Kitchen plan, is vital. But truly knowing how all the various components of a Kitchen are installed and coordinated, not just the cabinetry, is what I believe sets Andy apart from so many other Designers.

As most people in this field understand, it isn’t often that existing and discovered site conditions are precisely as drawn up on the plans. This is something Andy understands from the outset. This means that, once the work commences, my team is rarely wanting for fillers or scribes because the potential unknowns and challenging issues are planned for in advance. And of equal importance to me is that fact that when, on occasion, an additional piece of finished material or a replacement panel or door is needed, Andy has always “had my back” and made sure that I was provided with what I’ve needed as expeditiously as possible.

Wherever Andy Williams works, I will continue to make sure that he is a resource I contact when I have a Kitchen or Bath remodel. I know the final results will always exceed the expectations of my clients.

Chris Fuller
Owner, FullerHouse Construction, LLC.
Louisville, CO

Dear Andrew,

Yes, we love our new place and love how it is decorated thanks to you.  We will be in touch in the near future about the den bathroom.

Now for the answers to the questions you posed.
  1. Andrew is easy to work with. Very friendly, but more importantly he listened to what we wanted and was able to incorporate our ideas into reasonable designs.
    Also, he always showed up for our appointments. No excuses.
  2. Andrew listened well. My husband and I didn’t always agree and Andrew was able to get us to compromise. He was even able to let me have the purple wall in the bedroom while incorporating it with other ideas so it wasn’t to shocking or stark. It looks beautiful! And we get many compliments on it.
  3. Yes. The products have all been high quality and have worked out very well.
  4. We were having trouble finding a wood floor that would work with our cabinets and granite counters. Andrew worked very hard to find us a beautiful bamboo floor and we LOVE it.
  5. I really can’t think of anything. He was just great.
  6. Rewarding

Talk to you soon.

Judith and Ed Friedman
Broomfield, CO

As a subcontractor working with many other subs it is critical that everyone is on the same page. Andrew was always available for any questions regarding the project or its coordination. Furthermore, he attended the template of the cabinets and was extremely helpful regarding the overall concept and, especially, the finer details.

Andrew has an educated ear and responded with clear and concise direction.

The counters fit the cabinets perfectly. A testament to the coordination and the guidance from Andrew.

The experience: Flawless. One word to sum up Andrew: Astute!

Ron Horn
Colorado Custom Stone
Denver, CO

Andrew’s brain grasps what the space to be designed needs.  A few questions to me on my lifestyle and he came up with an amazing plan. Andrew is easy to talk to, pleasant, professional, and gifted.

Andrew was hugely responsive and knew just the right questions to ask the client to flush out what the client wanted but could not articulate (hugely invaluable to us linear thinking folks). For example: a few brief questions regarding my lifestyle, specifically love of outdoor adventures, ended up in a design with a large open shower with multiple shower heads and the coolest idea, pebbled river rock as the floor of the shower. It feels like one is standing in a riverbed with a hotsprings waterfall tumbling over the head and body.

Andrew’s input regarding tile types and design, and how to transition it all was perfect. He obviously knows tiling and how different styles and designs fit together.

A professional architect was engaged to draw up the design plans for the inside renovation. A third bedroom was divided up to enlarge a master suite which included a new second bathroom (master bath). After 8 draft architectural designs for the new space, the master bath continued to be unsatisfactory. Andrew came on the project, and within two hours sketched the perfect design. He was able to visualize from my description what I was trying to accomplish in the master bath. This is an innate gift and exactly what the project design needed. The master bath continues to be one of the major highlights of my home and that is due to Andrew’s design.

I can’t imagine even in a constructive attempt, what I could offer that Andrew needs to improve on as an already competent designer.  He has a gift to visualize and that is not something that can really be taught. My only concern would be that if I needed his help again, I would be able to commission him within the 24 hours like I did when I got into the design jam described above.  Wow, what a quick response. His availability was huge in getting the renovation done on time as fixtures, tile, plumbing, vanities, sinks, etc. still had to be ordered with deadlines quickly approaching.

Linda Browning
Bath Project
Boulder, CO

He is a very good listener and VERY creative in his designs, especially around melting cabinetry with appliances.

We needed a “furniture” piece in the Roth Distributing showroom (representing SubZero and Wolf products so it had to be High End)
He came up with the most ingenious way to hide an icemaker for a Bar Armoire and it still ceases to amaze me!!!

Barbara Barton
Interior Designer
Roth Distributing
Aurora, CO

Andrew was always prompt, totally professional, insightful, creative, dynamic inter-personal skills to work up new visions.

Andrew was a pleasure to work with

One word that might sum up your experience? “Delightful”


Linda Watkins
Boulder, CO

From our first meeting with Andrew he really listened to us and our wants and needs for our new kitchen. He knew we had a budget and never pushed us to exceed it and helped us to stay within our means. He gave us several options for our cabinet choice and the many other decisions that come along with a whole new kitchen. He was always timely and had great suggestions.

He really paid attention to our ideas for our kitchen.

He was very professional, easy to communicate with, approachable, has great suggestions and resources and a very hard worker. He will truly care about your project and work his very hardest to ensure you are happy with your home.

One word that might sum up your experience?

Holly Boren
Kitchen Renovation
Denver, CO

Andrew is wonderful to partner with, he listens to pays attention to the many details and is an amazing team player.  His ideas are great and he follows through and meets deadlines which is key for me with my clients and timelines on my projects

Laura Hodgson
Haven Interiors Superior,

He is a very good listener and VERY creative in his designs, especially around melting cabinetry with appliances.

We needed a “furniture” piece in the Roth Distributing showroom (representing SubZero and Wolf products so it had to be High End).

He came up with the most ingenius way to hide an icemaker for a Bar Armoire and it still ceases to amaze me!!!

Lots of clients saw this application and designers wanted to copy it for sure! A win/win for everyone!